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Why use Premier Solutionz for Photography and Video?

Scheduled Photographers

Photos, Videos & 360’s

15+ Years of Industry Experience

Inventory Process Audits

State of the Art Equipment

New Car Photo Library

We maximize the efficiency and quality of your new vehicle photos! We identify photographed clones within your new vehicle inventory. When a new vehicle is photographed, it becomes part of the library and we automatically post those photos when an exact matching vehicle arrives. Your new vehicles will always have photos faster than your competitor!

Facebook Marketplace

Offers a dedicated discovery and search experience designed to help people find their next vehicle and to help local dealerships reach millions of people who are already looking for used vehicles on Marketplace every day.

Craigslist Ads

We use posting intelligence to ensure the best use of a dealer’s budget. We utilize Craigslist lead data to know what to post, to what market and when, giving us a lower cost per lead and higher ROI.

Video Text/Email App

Technology has changed, and so has the way you communicate with your customers! Increase appointments and sales by sending customers a personalized video message! Our Live Video App allows you to send emails, text, and live stream with your clients, giving them the best experience and connection possible!

Staff Photos

Does your website have outdated staff photos? We can help! We provide professional headshots for all your employees, and will continue to update those photos as new employees join the tea ml

VIN Specific Advertising

Combine live shopper data and historical vehicle data together with key demographics to build highly accurate shopper profiles. Using custom video messages and custom ad creative ensures low funnel, QUALITY shoppers are visiting your site.

Photo Booth Consulting

Interested in installing a Photo Booth at your dealership? Save time and money by consulting with our team before you spend thousands on a solution that is not quality, efficient, or long-lasting.

Jodi Starke

President, Premier Solutionz, Inc.



We will help you sell more cars

At Premier Solutionz we know your inventory is your most valuable asset. So we focus on your inventory from start to finish. Using our “high tech, high touch” approach, your inventory is properly prepared, photographed, and marketed, before it is delivered to the Internet. We don’t just take photos and video, we roll up our sleeves to help our business partners like you manage your inventory, ensuring quality photography and expedited time to market. Our highly trained ground team ensures that your vehicles are properly photographed, surveyed, and ready to be marketed before they are delivered to all third parties and to your website – your showroom Online!

And last but not least, we provide you with the best and most highly recommended local support in the industry. When you call us, we answer the phone. When you email us, we email you back. We look forward to working with you!

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